What is matched betting?

Matched betting is a process of making money from free bets and bonuses offered by bookmakers.

Firstly, place a bet for an outcome to happen (backingwith a bookmaker.

Secondly, place a bet against an outcome to happen (laying) with a betting exchange.

Backing and laying covers both sides of a bet and unlocks free bets and bonuses. You can use these incentives to make cash profit whatever outcome happens.

Let’s imagine an England versus Germany football match. Matched betting involves two simple stages.

Stage 1 (Qualifying Bet)

a). Place a back bet (backing) at a bookmaker on England to win.

b). Place a lay bet (laying) at a betting exchange on England not to win.

Backing and laying covers all outcomes to qualify for a free bet.

Now on to stage 2 – turning your free bet in to cash.

Stage 2 (Free Bet)

a). Place a back bet using your free bet at a bookmaker

b). Place a lay bet at a betting exchange

Backing and laying converts your free bet in to cash by covering both sides of a bet.

Media coverage

Matched betting is a great technique to earn tax-free cash, as detailed in the mainstream media.

The Guardian newspaper

The Telegraph newspaper


Matched betting is growing in popularity in recent times. Matched Betting Zest shows you the latest strategies and offers to maximise your profits.

Potential earnings

Matched betting is a great strategy to earn some tax-free extra income*. It is possible to make a few hundred pounds per month with several hours of dedication, progressing from sign-up promotions to regular offers.

*No profit amounts are guaranteed


You can start matched betting with £100 for basic offers such as William Hill.

Try some new customer offers to build a bankroll, then move on to the more advanced strategies in the matched betting guides

and the regularly updated blog.


The next step from matched betting is to take positive expected value (EV+) opportunities.

Once you have earned a solid initial bankroll, consider taking EV+ offers like low risk casino and enhanced multiples to gain long-term value.

Where next?

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