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Best Odds Guaranteed matched betting

Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) is a potential avenue of profit from horse racing matched betting.

Bookmakers use BOG to entice mug punter. However, we can back and lay horses to turn this concession to our advantage.

What is Best Odds Guaranteed?

BOG is a horse racing promotion, which can yield extra profit for no extra effort.

Horse racing odds are constantly changing, as horses go up and down in price in the betting market.

If you bet on a horse and the starting price is higher than the odds taken, the bookies pay the winning bet at the higher price. This is called Best Odds Guaranteed.

BOG is useful when placing qualifying bets and free bets. You could gain extra profit if your horse drifts in the betting market and goes on to win.

Screenshot of Twitter Betfred Best Odds Guaranteed

Clearly, the major bookmakers are keen to promote BOG.

Best Odds Guaranteed example

Imagine you bet on a horse at 2/1 (3.00) with a bookie.  If the starting price is 3/1 (4.00), your bet is settled at 4.00. This is potential extra profit – for no additional risk.

However, if the odds of your horse shortens in the betting market to 6/4 (2.50), you would still get paid out at 3.00 if your horse wins.

Therefore, consider BOG as a best price insurance when matched betting. BOG only applies to back bets at the bookmaker. BOG does not apply to exchange bets. Your exchange liability is not affected by the SP of the horse you are laying.


When placing a qualifying bet for a horse racing offer.

  • BACKING: Bet £10 on a horse to win (odds 3.00) with a bookie. [Always take a price, never bet at SP odds].
  • LAYING: Lay £10 on the horse (odds 3.00) on the exchange.

If the starting price of your horse increases to 3/1 (4.00), BOG ensures the bookie pays out a total return of £30 instead of £20. However, your £20 lay liability is still the same. Your overall extra profit would be £10.

Use this strategy with all types of matched bets. Back horse at a bookmaker offering BOG, then lay the horse at the exchange – for a risk-free shot at triggering BOG.

Some bookies have a winnings limit for Best Odds Guaranteed, which is generally several thousand pounds.

Extra hints

  • Place your BOG matched bets early in the day. Don’t wait until close to the start of a race, as it will be difficult to back and lay accurately.
  • Do not back too many horses with one bookie. You’ll be taking value odds to get a close odds match, which could lead to a gubbing.
  • BOG is a risk free matched betting technique. Try backing Betfred pushes horse racing boosts. Then, place a matching lay bet at the exchange.  You’ll have a risk-free shot at BOG.
  • Lay your BOG bets immediately to ensure a risk free matched bet.