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Bet365 racing refund offer

This article is a guide to Bet365 racing refund offer. Let’s learn the matched betting strategy to profit from Bet365 4/1 offer.

Bet365 offers a risk free bet (up to £50) on selected races. Bet (up to £50) on a feature race and if your horse wins, you’ll have a risk free bet on the next feature race. The same applies to live ITV racing.

Screenshot of Bet365 ITV racing offer

Important terms

Key points for the 4/1 promotion:

  • Minimum odds: 4/1 (5.0) or higher.
  • £50 maximum stake per race.
  • 4/1 offer applies to pre race bets only.
  • Feature Races or live ITV Races Only (2 Feature races each day, or all live ITV races).
  • The offers are separate. i.e. feature win > risk free on next feature race / ITV win > risk free on next ITV race.
  • Use your risk free bet on the next feature race/live ITV race.

Links to the promotion terms:

Bet365 4/1 strategy

How to approach Bet365 4/1 offer:

a). Choose a horse

Look for tightly matched back odds (Bet365) and lay odds (at the exchange).

Aim for minimal qualifying bet loss. Say £3 to £4 per £50 bet.

Bet365 racing qualifying be

In this 1.35 Ascot race, the favourite ‘Advertise’ is 5.5 back odds at Bet365 and 5.5 to lay at the exchange.

b). Place your bet

Place a bet (up to £50) on a horse with minimum odds of 4/1 (5.0) in a feature race or live ITV race.

Here’s an example. On Bet365, bet £10 on ‘Advertise’ to win the 1.35 Ascot race.

Bet365 ITV racing qualifying bet

Cover your back bet with a matching £10 lay bet at the exchange.

Laying Advertise 1.35 Ascot

c). Potential outcomes

  • If your horse doesn’t win: accept a small qualifying loss and wait for the next race. Then, continue to back and lay a horse and hope it wins.
  • If your horse wins: you’ll receive a risk free bet (to match your previous stake) on the next applicable race.

If your qualifying bet was on a feature race, your risk free bet is on the next feature race. The same principle applies to the live ITV racing part of the promotion.

d). Place your risk free bet

This means: use your own money and if your horse loses, Bet365 refunds your stake in cash.

So, lay your risk free free bet as if Stake Not Returned (i.e. underlay). For example, £50 at 5.5 back odds/6.0 lay odds, place a £35 lay bet.

  • If your horse loses: you’ve won £35 lay bet (minus exchange commission). Since Bet365 refund your £50 stake.
  • If your horse wins: you’ll have another risk free bet on the next feature/live ITV race. Repeat the backing and laying process (laying as if SNR) until you lose.

Extra hints

Avoid the midweek features races. Matched betting on minor races is a fast track to a gubbing. Mingle with the betting crowd and stick to high-profile ITV racing.

Also, try not to place £50 on every race. Big stakes increase your chances of getting gubbed.

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