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Dragonfish bingo offers: a beginner’s guide

This guide explains how to profit from Dragonfish bingo offers.

Update: Only a few Dragonfish sites still offer percentage bonuses. The majority of sites now offer free tickets. The “buy all tickets” loophole is largely a thing of the past.

Dragonfish bingo – No deposit offers

Some Dragonfish bingo sites offer a no deposit welcome offer. These offers are risk-free and a great introduction to how bingo rooms work.

The offers typically have a 4 or 8 times wagering requirement. Once you’ve wagered your bonus, you can withdraw the remaining funds as cash.

Dragonfish bingo strategy

Here is the step-by-step strategy.

a). Register with the bingo site, opt-in for email communications and register your debit card details. However, DO NOT deposit at this stage, but ensure you tick the box refusing the bonus.

b). You will now get a £5 no-deposit bonus to play bingo. Use the 75 ball and 90 ball bingo rooms to buy as many tickets as possible before your first game starts. This ensures that all winnings go straight to your cash balance and not stuck as a bonus balance.

c). Minimum withdrawals are normally £30, so you may need to deposit to top-up your balance before withdrawing.

Dragonfish low-risk

Some sites require a small deposit to obtain the bonus.

These bonuses come with a 4 or 8 times wagering requirement. These offers are positive expected value, so you’d expect to profit over a large volume of offers.

Use the strategy as detailed above: but all tickets as quickly as possible before your first game starts.

Reload offers

Also, after registering with the Dragonfish sites, you should receive bonus reload offers by email. These offers are not risk-free but anything of 300% or above with a 4 x WR is worth doing. So, if the offer is 400% for a £10 deposit you would have £50 to play with.

Bingo tickets have a return to player (RTP) rating of around 60%. Therefore, only complete 400% or better bingo reloads to ensure positive expected value. However, due to variance, you could lose your initial deposit or even hit a big win.

Please do the Dragonfish offers one at a time. Wait for your withdrawal to hit your bank account before starting the next offer.

The Cassava network that powers Dragonfish bingo doesn’t like players taking bonuses at multiple sites at the same time.

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