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How to profit from the 2up offer

How to profit from the 2up offer

Bet365, Paddy Power and Betfred shops all run an excellent football promotion known as the 2up offer.

This promotion offers the potential for massive profits using simple matched betting techniques.

Simply find a close odds match between the bookie and exchange, then back and lay your selection.

Ideally you should look for an arb or a close odds match (e.g. 2.00/2.00). Keep qualifying losses to a minimum because the 2up offer will rarely trigger.  However, when it does trigger the profits are big!

If you team goes two goals up at any point in the match (i.e. 2-0, 3-1, 4-2), the bookie will pay you out as a winner – even if your selection doesn’t eventually win.

Dutching 2up

As an alternative to backing and laying, backing all three possible outcomes at different bookmakers could be a great strategy. Use the Trickybet 3-way dutching calculator.

For example, Everton versus Man Utd, assuming a £10 stake on Everton:

  1. Stake £10 on Everton @ 5.75 (Bet365)
  2. Place a £15.25 bet on the draw @ 3.75 (Betfred)
  3. Also, stake £32.00 on Man Utd at 1.80 (Betsafe)

Regardless of the result, the maximum loss is £0.06 if the match result is a draw.

Dutching also avoids paying unnecessary exchange commission. Ideally, we want to find a dutch including Bet365 and Paddy Power to qualify for 2up at both bookies.

Back, lay and hope

A popular strategy is to matched bet on a team and wait to see if 2up triggers.

Imagine an England vs. Germany football match.

  • Back England at the bookmaker.
  • Lay England at the exchange.
  • England go 2-0 up and the bookie settles your bet as a winner a few minutes later.
  • Then, Germany score 2 goals and the match ends as a 2-2 draw.

In this match, the bookie pays out when England go 2-0 ahead, but your exchange bet also wins.

Basically, you won both the back and lay sides of your matched bet for a good profit.

Back, lay and wait to trade out

Other matched bettors prefer to take an active role in their 2up bets. Back and lay as normal.

  • If your team goes 2-0 up, the bookie pays out early.
  • If the opposition team then scores to make it 2-1, you can use Betfair Cash Out or Smarkets Trade Out feature to lock-in profit by cashing out a percentage of your back bet value.
  • Simply click the relevant button “Cash Out” (at Betfair) or “To” (at Smarkets).

The exchange automatically calculates a back bet on the current odds, which trades against your existing lay bet. The Trade Out or Cash Out feature offers the same locked-in profit regardless of the match result. However, by using these features you do sacrifice the chance of a larger payout.

Also, please remember that the exchange trade out features include all your exchange bets on that match.

Example of a 2up trade out 

In the 2017-2018 season, Watford away to Everton were at pre-match odds of 2.90. By half-time, Watford had gone 2-0 up.

Therefore, you could have cashed out Watford at the exchange for a guaranteed smaller profit than the back, lay and hope strategy.

In this particular match Everton won 3-2.

Key points for 2up

It is important to meet the qualifying criteria before placing your matched bets for 2up. These are the key terms for each 2up offer with different bookmakers:

Bet365 2up

The Bet365 version of the 2up offer is called “2 Goal Ahead Early Payout Offer” and comes with the following key terms:

  • a). Only available by invite only check the offers/promotions screen when logged in.
  • b). Available on English Premier League, English Championship, English FA Cup, English EFL Cup, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.
  • c). The offer does not apply if you cash out your bet at Bet365.

Paddy Power 2up

Paddy Power were the pioneers of the 2 Up offer with their “2up You Win” promotion. The key points are as follows:

  • Available on English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and Champions League matches
  • As at late 2019, Paddy Power 2up is also available on Paddy in-shop self-service betting terminals.

Do not lay your Paddy Power 2up bets at Betfair exchange. This will help to avoid a Paddy Power gubbing.

Betfred shop 2clearandcollect

Betfred betting shops have a printed coupon named “2clearandcollect”, which is available in midweek and weekend versions each week.

Here’s the key points for 2clearandcollect:

  • This is a printed betting shop coupon, with exactly the same offer in principle as Bet365 and Paddy Power.
  • Coupon odds are displayed in fractional odds. To convert from fractions to decimal, i.e. for 6/4, take 6 divide by 4, plus 1, equals 2.50.

Betfred 2clearnandcollect odds are often worse than online bookies. However, it’s worth checking one hour before kick-off time, when the exchange lay odds move around – you might find some arbs or good odds matches.


In the 2017-2018 season, 2up triggered on many matches including:

Bet365 – Wigan (4.20/4.20) vs. Bournemouth, Liverpool (2.75/2.80) vs. Arsenal.

Betfred 2clearandcollect – various matches involving Livingston (1.615/1.60), Bayern Munich (1.50/1.50).

The 2up offer is so popular that the bookies have expanded in to different sports, such as Bet365 with 2 sets up on PDC darts and 14 points up on NFL American football.

All variations of 2up are a fantastic matched betting opportunity.  If qualifying losses are minimised, the profit potential is huge.


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