How to profit from enhanced multiples

Enhanced multiples

Bookmakers offer enhanced multiples on various sports, including football, American football, horse racing, darts, basketball and ice hockey.

Once you have built your matched betting bankroll from free bets and bonuses, it is worth exploring other avenues of profit making such as enhanced multiples.

It is possible to lock-in a profit on certain enhanced ACCAs by backing and laying.

Another strategy is to back enhanced multiples as an advantage play (i.e. do not lay the bet).

I would only recommend the latter strategy once you have a solid bankroll.

Enhanced multiples list

Here is a list of bookies that offer enhanced multiples, including where to find the boosts at each bookie.

Bethard – Sports > Specials

MansionBet – Price Boosts

Quinnbet – Price Boosts

Redarmybet – Fans Boosts, Perfect Weekend, Great Weekend.

Blackbet – Specials

Brucebetting – Specials

Comeon – Odds Boosts

Netbet – Netbet Boosts

Betfair Sportsbook – OddsBoost

Leovegas – Leo Specials

Grosvenor – Enhanced ACCAs

Mr Green – Mr Green Specials

Betsafe – #Price Specials > Boosted Odds

Bwin – Enhanced ACCAs

Coral – Enhanced Multiples (or Specials)

William Hill – American Football or Football (look under Coupons > Enhanced Odds)

Betway – Betway Boosts

Sportnation and Redzone – All Sports > Enhanced Odds

Blacktype – Specials

32Red – Enhanced ACCAs

888Sport – Enhanced ACCAs

Betfred and Totesport – Football > Specials

Ladbrokes – Football > Football Enhanced Treble

10Bet – Price Boost

Vernons – Football > Football Specials > UK Price Boosts

Paddy Power – Power Price

21bet – Specials

Betvictor – Football > Football Betting Specials > Enhanced ACCAs

Betstars – Odds Boosts

Dafabet – Football Price Boosts

Skybet – Price Boosts

Sportingbet – Enhanced ACCAs

Boylesports – Daily Specials


This list is not exhaustive and will be updated as the offers evolve.

Risk-free enhanced multiples

It is possible to back and lay certain enhanced multiples for a chance to make risk-free profit.

Enhanced doubles

Let’s look at a TLCBet boosted double on Chelsea and Newcastle both to win at 5/2 (3.50).

Back the double at the current odds at TLCBet, then TLCBet pay the difference between 3.50 and the regular odds of 2.25 as an SNR free bet.

1). Back £10 on Chelsea and Newcastle both to win at odds of 5/4 (2.25) at TLCBet.

2). In the Football > Premier League > ACCAs market at Betfair, lay £10.55 on Chelsea and Newcastle both to win at 2.50 odds for a liability of £15.00.

If the double wins, you have lost £2.50 on the qualifying bet with a £12.50 free bet to come. Assuming 75% free bet conversion, your net profit would be £7.12.

If the double loses, your £10 stake loses at TLCBet, which is balanced by your winning lay bet at Betfair for no-loss overall.

Clearly, you can underlay an enhanced double and hope it wins for a risk-free profit.

Enhanced trebles

Skybet Soccer Saturday price boost and William Hill Super Odds Treble can both be layed on Betfair ACCAs market.

Betfair usually create a special lay market for these boosts under Football>English Premier League.

For a £5 bet on a William Hill special, your underlay stake is £5.27 at Betfair (assuming 5% commission) to ensure this is a risk-free bet.

The maximum stake is £5 at 6/1 with William Hill.

A full underlay of £5.27 at 6.2 on Betfair. If the treble wins, your profit is £2.41. Or if the treble loses you break even.

Sequential laying

Enhanced doubles or trebles can be layed sequentally if the selections start at different times.

The following example is a typical horse racing boosted double.

Betfred enhanced Kempton double for Redicean to win the 12.20 and Secret Investor to win the 12.55 at odds of 4/1 (5.00).

1). Back £10 on the enhanced double at odds of 4/1 (5.00) at Betfred.

2). Lay £10.21 on Redicean at odds of 1.77 on Smarkets. Liability is £7.87.

3). If Redicean does not win the 12.20 Kempton race, this matched bet is finished and you have simply broken even.

4). If Redicean wins, take your £10 stake and add the liability of £7.87, which equals £17.87. Now add 2% Smarkets commission to calculate your lay stake for the second leg of the double. £17.87 divided by 50 = £0.36.  Then, £17.87 + £0.36 = £18.23 is your ideal lay stake.

5). After the 12.20 race has finished and before the 12.55 race starts, lay £18.23 on Secret Investor at odds of 2.50. Liability is £27.34. (the lay odds of your second leg can vary, so adjust your figured accordingly).

6). If Secret Investor wins, you have won £40 at Betfred and lost a total of £35.21 at the exchange.  Net profit is £4.79.

7). If the double (Redicean & Secret Investor) does not win, your lay stake ensures there is no loss.

We underlay the first leg of the double because the lay odds could drift on your second selection.

This gives a margin for the potential odds change before laying the second leg.

Calculating value

Sometimes you cannot match bet an enhanced multiple, as there is no lay market available at the betting exchange.

Should I still back the enhanced multiple?

It may be worth staking as an advantage play – if the odds are still mathematically in your favour.

To calculate the expected value of an enhanced ACCA:

• Multiply the lay odds of each selection (check Betfair) and compare to the back odds.

For example, on 25 November 2017, Coral had Aston Villa, Fulham and Wolves all to win at 4/1 (5.00).

The lay odds for each team were:

a). Aston Villa (1.72) x Fulham (1.91) x Wolves (1.34) = 4.40 total lay odds.

b). Divide the back odds of 5.00 by the combined lay odds of 4.40 = 1.1363.

c). Then 1.1363 x 100 = 113.63% is the percentage expected value (EV) of this treble.

Following this backing EV+ bets strategy across a sample of at least 1,000 bets, your expected profit is the average of the EV taken. There will ups and downs with this strategy due to variance.

It is important to avoid backing so-called ‘boosted multiples’, which are actually poor value and below the exchange odds.

Backing enhanced accumulators is a useful technique after you have completed free bet offers and lower risk matched betting.


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  1. This is all new to me so I had to read it twice as I’ll admit it went over my head a little (having not come across the whole accas jazz before!) Helpful post to those who use the sites 🙂

  2. Hi Caz,
    glad you find the post useful :). I think using enhanced multiples as an advantage play alongside regular matched betting is a good way of diversifying.

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