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Manual odds matching

Matched bettors typically use an odds finding tool such as OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher. This guide shows you how to find odds matches manually.

We can then quickly assess good odds matches across all types of matched bets.

Qualifying bets and stake returned bets

When looking for a good qualifying bet, start off with English Premier league football or other top European leagues.

During the summer months, there should be lots of big events like the world cup, euros, Rugby World Cup and so on.

Don’t check every game for maximum return. The difference between a good odds match and the best odds match is minimal. The best odds matches are usually found at odds of 3/1 (4.00) or less. A 0.1 gap between back and lay odds (2.00/2.10 or 2.20/2.30) is good enough.

Finally, have a quick check of the other games for a closer odds match. If you find a closer match, then use that.

Stake not returned bets

With SNR bets we need reasonably high odds to extract a profit from the free bet.

Use high profile markets like top flight football, golf majors, or formula one races.

Use odds over 4/1 (5.00). Look for a 0.2 to 0.6 gap between back and lay odds, e.g. 5.0/6.00. If there are no matches within 0.2 to 0.6, then check for a 1.0 gap.

If you still cannot find suitable odds, then use the correct score or half-time/full-time market on a major game. It is important to avoid spending hours finding a perfect odds match. Try to find something in a few minutes. Ironically, taking the best odds could lead to a gubbing.

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