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Matchbook review

In this Matchbook review, discover all about what’s on offer at this betting exchange.

Who are Matchbook?

Matchbook is a betting exchange that formed in 2004. They have a reputation in the betting industry for low commission charges.

How to use Matchbook

Matchbook website has a distinctive colour scheme. Back buttons are in blue, while and lay buttons are pink. Like Betfair’s colour scheme.

Matchbook exchange betting odds

Placing a bet: Moving on from the aesthetics, betting on Matchbook is simple. Find a relevant event. Before placing your bet, ensure there is enough liquidity in the market to match your bet.

You’ll find the amount of market liquidity below the odds.

Matchbook exchange betting slip

Then, click on either the “Back” or “Lay” odds to add a selection to your betting slip. Then, enter your stake, which will display the liability for the bet.

You need enough funds in your account to cover the amount shown as the liability. This is the amount you stand to lose.

After entering your stake, click on the “tick” button to confirm your bet. The “matched” and “unmatched” tabs on your betting slip show the current status of your bet.

Betting markets

Matchbook features sports such as football, horse racing, basketball, tennis, golf, and more.

But, Matchbook has a smaller range of sports compared to Betfair.

Also, Matchbook has less liquidity in certain markets than Betfair. This is because Matchbook is a smaller exchange.

Yet, popular events have lots of liquidity to match your bets. However, obscure markets will have poor liquidity.


Matchbook now charges 2% commission on the profit of winning bets. However, you won’t pay commission on losing bets. This brings them in line with their competitors Betfair Exchange, Smarkets, and Betdaq.

Customer experience

The Matchbook mobile app is available on Apple and Android devices. The app replicates the website with the same markets available.

Matchbook betting exchange App

Matchbook customer service is available via email, telephone and live chat (0800-0100 hrs GMT). You can also connect on social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Final thoughts

Matchbook is useful for matched betting. With low commission charges and a range of betting markets. A good alternative to Betfair, Smarkets and Betdaq.

In fact, some matched bettors use Matchbook as their main exchange for horse racing and US sports.

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