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Matched betting without free bets

Matched Betting Zest

It is still possible to do matched betting without free bets. There are several different ways to make money from bookmakers aside from free bets or bonus offers.

After completing the signup offers you can move on to reload offers. These daily offers will continue to hit your inbox. Let’s run through the main reloads:

Bet X Get Y offers: These are the most simple offers. For example, bet £10 to earn a £5 free bet. Your bread and butter.

Low-risk casino reloads: Back and lay a sports matched bet to get a casino bonus. You’d typically take a minimal qualifying loss for a chance at a big casino win.

William Hill Games

Dutching: Placing bets at different bookmakers to cover all outcomes. Dutch betting opportunities are often arbs. Another string to your matched betting bow.

Reload offers tips

The multitude of reload offers can appear confusing at first glance. How should you approach these reload offers?

Organisation skills

Simply make a list of your most important daily offers and work through them one by one.

If time is short, you may want to prioritise the highest EV offers first, or perhaps the lowest risk depending on your goals.


Initially, some offers can seem not worth your time. However, it can be useful to double-check the terms before deciding whether to do a certain offer.

Use a matched betting service

Matched Betting Zest offers general guidance. However, a specialist matched betting service such as OddsMonkey or Profit Accumulator have lots of excellent tools to help maximise your profits.

profit accumulator sign up

These tools can make offers quick and easy to complete.

Also, consider using the more advanced tools for extra place offers, each way betting, dutching and more.

Additional matched betting strategies

Aside from the basic reload offers discussed above, let’s look at some more advanced tactics to make a profit.

Arbitrage betting

Arbitrage betting, or arbing, is betting on high odds with a bookmaker, then laying off the same bet at lower odds on a betting exchange.

Try to avoid arbing on your unrestriced matched betting accounts. Arbing will often lead to accounts restrictions.

The majority of arbers use their gubbed accounts, which can no longer receive promotional offers anyway. Use an oddsmatcher tool at one of the matched betting companies. A rating of over 100% is an arbitrage opportunity.

Price Boosts and enhanced odds

Price boosts are always on offer and are often arbs. The bookmaker is actively promoting these price boosts, so feel free to take advantage. This is different to arbing where the bookmaker doesn’t intentionally offer the out of line odds.

It’s important to ensure that a price boost is good value. The back odds need to be higher than the lay odds, then we can lock in a profit.

Extra Places

Extra places can be a great method for matched betting with no free bets involved.

A bookmaker will offer to pay an extra place (or extra places) on each-way bets.

This additional place means you can back and lay each-way bets. You’re hoping that your selection finishes in the extra place. If you don’t hit the extra place then you would take a small qualifying loss. However, the profit potential can be massive when extra places do trigger.

Look out for extra places on horse racing and golf.

Casino and gaming offers

Casino offers are generally not risk-free.

A typical casino promotion would be: Bet X to get Y bonus or free spins.

With casino offers you are relying on the maths of positive expected value to aim for long term profit. There will be ups and downs along the way, the key is to look at your outcomes over 1,000+ offers.

The majority of casino offers fall under the ‘advantage play’ category – a topic which we will discuss below.

Advantage play

Matched bettors are increasingly turning to the field of advantage play. This is due to the steady decrease of completely risk-free matched betting opportunities.

Advantage play is essentially placing stakes where you have a mathematical advantage over a bookmaker. This might be a casino offer where you are likely to make a profit over a series of 1,000 or more bets. Alternatively, a football enhanced multiple at odds of 5/1 (6.0 decimal odds) when the true odds benchmarked to the exchange price are 4.7.

Final thoughts

We can still make money from bookmakers without free bets. It’s worth trying out all the different strategies in this article from reload offers, arbing, price boosts, extra places, and advantage play betting.

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