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OddsMonkey review

In this OddsMonkey review, we will take a look at OddsMonkey tools and features. Is it value for money?

Who are OddsMonkey?

OddsMonkey started as an odds finding service that licensed their Oddsmatcher software to other websites. In April 2016, they decided to offer a full matched betting service – with industry leading matched betting tools, detailed tutorials and video guides.

OddsMonkey membership

Your free trial OddsMonkey is available via this link. Premium membership is £17.99 a month or £150 per year. Both options include a 30 day money back guarantee. Each version of premium membership includes all the matched betting tools to help you make tax-free profit.

What does Oddsmonkey offer?

Oddsmonkey provides daily offers from over 100 different bookmakers.

Simply log in to your account and you will see the Dashboard. This is a portal for all your matched betting tools and information.

OddsMonkey user dashboard

Let’s take a closer look at the range of OddsMonkey matched betting tools.

OddsMonkey tools 

OddsMonkey develop their own in-house matched betting tools. Premium membership includes access to all tools.

Tutorials & Training

Beginner tutorials will guide you through the whole matched betting process from start to finish.

Videos and written guides help you to complete the initial free bet offers, before learning more advanced offers with higher profit potential.

You can make up to £45 during their free trial, with no risk or obligation to sign-up for premium membership.


The oddsmatcher is the original odds finding software – widely used in the matched betting community. The Oddsmatcher is a very useful odds searching tool. You can find all types of bet you need to complete an offer.

OddsMonkey oddsmatcher

The oddsmatcher saves time. There is no need to trawl through events looking for suitable odds. Just select your filters, and let oddsmatcher do the work.

Horse Racing Matcher

This tool is essential due to the vast number of horse racing reload offers.

OddsMonkey Racing Matcher

The horse racing matcher will find the best odds matches for each bookmaker offer.

This saves a lot of time compared to if you manually search for odds.

Each Way Matcher

Horse racing extra place offer are available every day.

Matched betting on extra place offers can yield a big profit. Back and lay a horse, if it finishes in the extra place – you could hit a big payout.

The each way matcher helps you to cover as many horses as possible in an extra place race – to maximise your chance of hitting an extra place.

OddsMonkey EachWay matcher

Each-way matched betting is an advanced technique. The each way matcher is a useful tool to find each-way arbs for gubbed accounts.

The Extra Place Matcher was released in June 2017. This tool helps to find horses for extra place offers.

This tool displays the potential profit if your horse finishes in the extra place, qualifying losses, and the facility to mark a horse that you’ve already backed.

Accumulator tools

Accumulator offers are an advanced matched betting technique.

The Acca matcher shows several ACCA insurance offer tactics. Also, find detailed accompanying tutorials.

This tool is split into two parts:

  • Acca Finder
  • and Acca Builder.

Acca Finder automatically finds selection for accumulator insurance offers.

Check the kick off times, the odds and expected profit values. This is far easier than manually searching.

OddsMonkey ACCA Finder tool

The ACCA Builder allows you to manually choose selections to create a bespoke accumulator. This is good if you want to choose different selections to the rest of the matched betting community.

OddsMonkey ACCA Builder tool

All relevant figures are presented in an easy to use format.

Dutch Matcher

Dutching is where you place multiple back bets at different bookies to cover all outcomes.

The dutch matcher will find potential dutch bets in just a few seconds.

Manually searching across all the bookmakers is very time intensive, so the dutching tool is very useful.

OddsMonkey Dutch Matcher tool

You can use the Dutch Matcher to find bets on all major sports, which can help to create a mug bettor style profile at bookies. The Dutch Matcher will also pick up some arbitrage bet opportunities.

This dutching tool will display close odds matches from different bookies. You can even use this for dutching reload offers, as explained in the dutching guide.

Daily offer calendar

One of my favourite features is the daily offer calendar.

The calendar allows you to define several search terms – date, type of offer, skill level, likely profit, and date.

As you work through the daily list of promotions, mark each offer as “completed”.

OddsMonkey offer calendar

The daily offer calendar is updated every day of the year. The OddsMonkey team have a reputation for finding every offer available.

Casino and gaming offers

Casino offers are now a regular part of the service alongside sports matched betting.

The EV calculator helps you to decide if a casino offer is likely to be profitable. In addition, plenty of low-risk offers are posted every day.


The forum contains a huge amount of useful information. Support staff, moderators and fellow members share offers every day.

OddsMonkey community forum

You will find forum threads for every type of matched betting offer, and historical posts are searchable.

To add some fun, there are monthly competitions with real cash prizes.

Customer support

You can contact support staff via email and phone to answer any matched betting questions.

Members can book a 30 minute one-to-one phone chat with a matched betting expert. This individual support is invaluable, especially for new matched bettors.


This OddsMonkey review concludes that the service is fantastic value. With the wealth of tools and guides available, you can make enough profit to easily cover the membership costs.

OddsMonkey will save your time in finding offers. Also, the community are always on hand to provide assistance.

Sign up for an OddsMonkey free trial  and try out this great matched betting service for real.