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Paddy Power horse refund offer

Paddy Power horse refund – get your stake back as a free bet if a selected horse wins a race.

Check the promotions page of Paddy Power website for details. Or see Paddy Power Onside. This offer is typically on high-profile festival races or a big Saturday ITV race.

The refund if ‘horse X’ wins promotion is usually available online and in Paddy Power shops.

Important terms

Here are the key terms to be aware of:

– The offer applies to selected races only
– Max free bet £10 per customer per race online. May be up to £20 in shops
– Minimum 5 runners (often more). Check the terms online or in shops
– Applies to your first pre-race bet on the race. Singles only


The two main matched betting techniques are discussed below.

Method #1 – Back a horse and hope

  • Bet up to £10 on a horse other than the specified horse.
  • Place a matching lay bet at the exchange.

This simple back and lay technique relies on the refund trigger to happen. You are not attempting to lock in any profit with method #1.

Method # 2 – Lock in

  • Choose any horse other than the specified horse. Then calculate your ideal lay stake.
  • Place a bet of up to £10 on your horse.
  • Place a matching lay bet on your horse at the betting exchange.
  • Lay the amount of your qualifying loss on the Paddy Power trigger horse

Possible outcomes

There are 2 possible outcomes:

1. IF THE PADDY POWER REFUND TRIGGER HORSE WINS: you receive a £10 free bet. Using method #1 (bet and hope) you can make around £7 profit. Using method #2 (lock in) would give around £2 net profit.

2. IF THE REFUND TRIGGER HORSE DOES NOT WIN: using method #1 you do not receive a free bet and may have incurred a small qualifying loss. With method #2 you are likely to have locked in a tiny profit.

Whilst it is easy to ensure a risk-free matched bet, advanced matched bettors may choose to advantage play this offer (i.e. not place a matching lay bet).

In addition to Paddy Power horse money back offer, check out the horse racing matched betting guides.