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How to profit from Betfred Pushes 

This article discusses how to profit from Betfred Pushes.

Betfred has been popular with matched bettors for several years now – due to industry leading offers and price boosts.

This endless stream of profit-making offers and enhanced odds has gained Betfred a big market share.

Let’s look at how to take advantage of Betfred Pushes.

Who is Betfred?

Betfred is an independent bookmaker with some of the best value odds in the sports betting industry.

Betfred online and shops can be a happy hunting ground for matched bettors.

The eponymous Fred Done runs various price boost periods under his Betfred Pushes label.

Betfred Pushes explained

Betfred Pushes are price boosts on a variety of sports. They generally focus on major sports, with amaximum stake of £100 per boost.

Horse racingSaturday morning between 0930-1100 hrs usually involves a number of horse racing boosts. These boosts tend to be a few ticks above the exchange lay price, say 4.5/4.2, 5.5/5.2. If Fred Done is in the Betfred TV studio – these boosts can be awesome!

Football: Enhanced trebles on Premier League and European football. The Premier League multiples can often be laid on betting exchange accumulator markets. On 12 August 2018, we had Liverpool, Rangers and Southampton all to win at 5/2 (3.5) and 3.15 to lay on Smarkets.

Golf: On Saturday mornings 0930-1100 hrs during the golf majors, Betfred will often push the tournament leader to industry best price. These boosts are quite rare though.

Boxing: Fred likes to push the price for British boxers in big fights. He has provided arbitrage opportunities on Tyson Fury to beat Wladimir Klitshcko (won) and Tony Bellew to beat Oleksandr Usyk (lost).

You will also see various virtual sports price boosts, including the daily ‘Fred’s Virtual Double’ – an enhanced double on two favourites to win their respective races. These boosts are often positive expected value. Therefore, we can use an advantage play strategy – i.e. place the bet and do not lay on the exchange.

Advantage play betting is all about trusting the maths. Take odds that are above the true probability, then expect to show a profit over the long term.

Where can I find Betfred Pushes?

Betfred Pushes are available both online and in Betfred shops.

On Betfred’s website, look under the menu entitled Football > Specials. Similarly, the horse racing pushes are located under Horse Racing > Other Markets > Price Boosts

However, I usually head to the betting shops as taking too many pushes online will lead to a swift gubbing.

When are Betfred Pushes available?

Betfred usually offers enhanced odds throughout the week. Here are the relevant timings:

Midweek bonus hour: Weekday lunchtimes 1200-1300 hrs and weekday evenings 1700-1800 hrs. The 1200 hrs boosts can be especially valuable during the major horse racing festivals such as Cheltenham and Royal Ascot.

Saturday morning 0930-1100 hrs in the Saturday extended bonus hour. This tends to be the best Pushes session of the week.

Sunday boosts from 0930 or 1100 hrs and the Sunday bonus hour 1200-1300 hrs.

These times often vary for major horse racing festivals like Cheltenham, Ascot and Goodwood. Check towards the back of the Racing Post newspaper each day for a list of boosts and the relevant timings.


Back and lay. You can lay off Betfred Pushes for a small guaranteed profit, as the push price is often higher than the betting exchange lay price.

The horse racing boosts on Saturday morning are particularly ripe for this tactic, with the added bonus of qualifying for Best Odds Guaranteed on selected horse races.

For example, place a £10 bet on a horse at 9/2 (5.5) with Betfred. Then, assuming the lay odds are 5.30 we can lay for no loss.

EV+ advantage play (AP). Alternatively, you could treat the boosts as value punts, especially the football enhanced trebles which cannot be layed at the exchange.

Take this 3/1 (4.0) football treble on 24 November 2018.

Betfred euro treble: Monchengladbach, Marseille and Sevilla 3/1

The combined lay odds multiplied were 3.79 (Monchengladbach 1.44, Marseille 1.85, Sevilla 1.42).

We can easily calculate the expected value of this boost:

  • Back odds 4.0 divided by combined lay odds of 3.79.
  • Multiply 3.79 by 100 = 1.06% EV rating (4.0 divided by 3.79 = 1.055 x 100).

This means that we would expect to win £106 for every £100 staked across a sample size of several thousand bets.

The above treble won, but not all AP bets will win. The key is to think of the long-term positive mathematical advantage.


In the recent past, Betfred has offered small free spins and free bet offers in shops. These vary locally.

Betfred is an independent bookmaker, so he sets his own agenda, including some industry leading prices and promotions.

In Summary, Betfred pushes is one of the longest running matched betting opportunities. Just don’t max out every boost to £100, otherwise you’ll be swiftly gubbed (online) or shubbed (retail shops).

Keep updated with the latest price on Betfred Twitter.

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