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Smarkets Winter Premier League Promotion

This is a guide to Smarkets Winter Premier League promotion.

Update: This post is for reference purposes only. The promotion has now finished.

Discover how to use matched betting to profit from Smarkets £100 risk free.

How does this offer work?

If you haven’t got a Smarkets account already, then sign up for a new account ready for this excellent offer.

Key terms

Smarkets are offering up to £100 risk-free across 10 weeks. The promotion runs from 03 December 2019 to 10 February 2019.

Here are the important terms:

1). Opt-in to the offer.
2). Place five bets of £10 or more on five separate Premier League football matches (not outright markets) in each promotional week.
3). You’ll then receive a £10 bonus next week.
4). You can place either back or lay bets to qualify. You must risk £10 in the market for each bet. For example, this could be a £10 lay bet at odds of 2.0 or lay £25 at 1.4.
5). The £10 bonus gets credited to your account on Tuesday of each week. Losses are then refunded as cash, so this is a cracking promotion.

A few extra key points:

  • Please opt-in before placing any bets.
  • This offer is for new and existing customers.
  • You will not be eligible if you sign up via SBK (Smarkets Sportsbook).


Opt-in for Smarkets risk-free offer before placing any bets.

Place your qualifying bets

There are several ways to approach this offer. The first method below assumes you’re placing back bets at Smarkets and laying at a different exchange.

  • Place a £10 back bet on any Premier League match with Smarkets.
  • Place a matching lay bet on a different betting exchange to Smarkets. So either Betdaq, Betfair or Matchbook.
  • Now place 4 more £10 back bets on different Premier League matches with Smarkets. Then, lay your bets off on another exchange.
  • So now you’ve placed five £10 bets with Smarkets to qualify.
  • Don’t place any other back or lay bets on these matches with Smarkets. Otherwise, you’ll affect your qualification for the promotion.

Or, combine this offer with your regular matched betting routine. Think 2up matched bets or similar.

Since you’ll be laying lots of bets on Smarkets with at least £10 liability per Premier League match. Then, check your overall liability on your 5 selected matches. Simply place further back bets to bring your ‘risk’ to at least £10 per match.

Placing your risk-free bets

Smarkets will credit a £10 risk-free token on the Tuesday after your qualifying week. The first £10 bonus gets credited on Tuesday 10 December 2019. This is for the first qualifying week (03 to 09 December 2019).

Now you need to look for a high odds selection.

  • Place a £10 back bet with your own money at Smarkets.
  • Lay (on Betdaq, Betfair or Matchbook) as if Stake Not Returned.
  • If your bet wins, then your net profit will be around £7. If your £10 risk-free bet loses at Smarkets, they will refund £10 as cash.

As stated at the top of this page, the offer runs for 10 weeks in total. So that’s up to £100 in risk-free bets on offer.

Useful links

You’ll need another betting exchange account to lay off your qualifying bets.

Also, check out BBC football for a list of the latest Premier League fixtures.

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