How to profit from William Hill High 5

William Hill High 5 matched betting guide

William Hill High 5 is a horse racing promotion for existing William Hill customers.

If your horse wins a jumps race by 5 or more lengths, you get a 15% free bet bonus on winnings (not your stake) to £100.

This offer is available on selected UK and Irish horse racing meetings each day.

A race must have at least 6 runners to qualify for High 5.

The bonus applies to bets placed on all selected races from 1730 hrs the day before the race starts.

High 5 strategy

The most popular matched betting strategy for High5 is as follows:

• Look for a clear favourite in a 6-10 runner race.

∗ Find closely matched odds between William Hill and the exchange, then simply back and lay your selection.

• Keep qualifying losses to a minimum, around £1 or less per £50 staked.

∗ Do not back more than one horse in each race.  This will help to avoid a quick gubbing.

On Saturday 17 February 2018, Coney Island was the third favourite in a 7-runner race at Ascot.

I bet £10 on Coney Island at 4/1 (5.00) with William Hill.

William Hill High 5 Coney Island 4/1


The lay odds were exactly the same as the back odds, so I layed £10 on Coney Island at odds of 5.00 on Smarkets.


Smarkets lay bet for William Hill High 5 offer


The possible outcomes were:

Coney Island does not win – make a small qualifying loss of £0.20. No free bet gained.

Coney Island wins by less than 5 lengths – small qualifying loss of £0.20. No free bet gained.

If Coney Island wins by 5 lengths or more – qualifying loss of £0.20. Also qualified for a £6 free bet (15% of bet winnings).

I used a £10 stake on Coney Island for illustrative purposes (Coney Island did not win this particular race).

If you bet £20 at William Hill, your potential free bet is £12, or £15 free bet from a £25 stake and so on.

High 5 profit potential

On Monday 19th February 2018, four out of five possible races qualified for High 5 at the Carlisle meeting.

The winning horses starting prices were between 13/8 (2.625) and 11/2 (6.50).

For a £100 stake, the potential free bets were:

• the 13/8 winning horse yielded a £24.37 free bet (15% of £162.50 winnings equals £24.37).

∗ The 11/2 winner yielded an £82.50 free bet per £100 stake.

The maximum free bet for each High 5 race is £100. Try not to hammer this offer too hard with big stakes.

Also consider placing some mug bets on non High 5 races, which should make your account less likely to get gubbed.

In summary, William Hill High 5 is an excellent reload promotion. Combined with other horse racing promotions, there is a potential for regular profits.


Selected races. Paid as a free bet. Singles only. 6+ runners. Max bonus £100. Free bet rules and terms apply.

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